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Red Rock weightloss is designed to be streamlined and healthcare made easy for our patients

  1. Complete a medical intake form online.
  2. Schedule to meet your healthcare provider through a call/video consult.
  3. If medically appropriate, receive your medication in the mail or arrange for pickup. It’s that simple.
Typically medication lasts roughly 6-8 weeks. Contact us via phone or email for refills.
Prices starting at $295.00 which includes medication, shipping, supplies and consultation.

Medication typically takes  a few days to compound. The pharmacy will contact you for payment and schedule your preferred delivery/pickup method

Please review our education tab to see how to properly administer your injection.
Just send us an email or a text message and we will cancel your account without any hassle at all.
Licensed healthcare providers (MD’s, NP’s and PA’s) will manage your treatment. As always any questions do not hesitate contact us. Most reply’s will occur within 24 hours of submission.


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Up-front pricing with no hidden fees.

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